Sherrida Inc.

About Us

From her earliest moments of fashion apprenticeship in the shops of Carnaby Street in Beatle-mad London of the 60’s, Sherrida was determined to channel the excitement and power of those experiences into the creation of a Canadian model and talent agency – an agency whose subsequent growth has made it a mainstay of the Toronto fashion and marketing industry for more than 40 years.

Driven by a commitment to the talent it represents - and to meeting the needs of the multi-faceted industry it serves - Sherrida Personal Management has a long established, highly regarded record of connecting the right talent to the unique creative needs of its clients in a dynamic, ever changing industry. It is a record that brings with it deep, well developed relationships with leaders throughout the sector in Toronto, across Canada and around the world.

The Agency approaches its relationship with each performer as an opportunity to understand the talent’s strengths, and to help them grow and maximize their potential in an exciting but challenging profession. That personal growth includes individuals who have built successful film and television careers or who have cross-over success in magazines and catalogues, television commercials, national or international advertising campaigns.

In a business environment where today’s “look” is quickly yesterday’s news, long term success is built on the ability to constantly anticipate change and be there to meet it at every turn. For 40 years Sherrida Personal Management has owned that space at the cusp of change - with a roster of talent that has helped define the face of change.

Today, Sherrida and Rebecca (Mother and Daughter team) take pride in a longstanding reputation for success, and most importantly, honesty, in an ever-evolving industry.